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"Blessy Old age Care center and Good News children Care center"

The main vision and mission of this Blessy old age care center and Good News Children care center is to provide daily food to the poorest of the poor old age people and children.In 2015 by the inspiration of God I have started Good News Children care center.So there are 35 children who are back class children who do not have proper clothes,education and other things who has joined and we have rented the house and we put them in the house and there are two teachers appointed to take care of their spiritual and physical and secular studies.By the grace of God the Good News children care center day by day growing and more children joined in 2016.So by the grace of God we could got land for building for these children and we could finish it and we plan out to build the shed for the children study and prayer hall. In fact these children have been learning daily about holy Gospel and praying for every one daily.Every year we provide to these children clothes,Sandals,bags and all school needs.Still there are many things to be done for these please pray for them.

Blessy Old age care center;In the remote villages we find there are many old age people who live in the huts and no proper food and clothes and they live in the their children left them and the old age people have been struggling to at their end days they must be saved and must live happily in Christ Jesus.So by seeing and facing many problems in the remote villages and they do not have no one to look after my heart touched and moved a lot to serve the old age people and pray for them daily and preach the holy Gospel.Matthew 25;40 "Jesus said,I say to you, in as much as you did it to one of the least of these my people,you did it to me." These are the word of Jesus which moved my heart to serve to the poorest of the poor and needy.Jesus said in Mark 10;45,"I came to serve not to be served".