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Jesus said to his disciples,Mark 16;15,"Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature".These are the words of Jesus which touched my heart from the childhood and I had great desire to spread the holy Gospel in and around and to save the souls in Christ Jesus. Luke 4; 18, " The spirit of the Lord is upon me,Because He has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent me to heal the broken hearted,To proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind,To set at liberty those who are oppressed.These are the powerful words of Jesus touched my heart and moved me with powerful Holy Spirit. I have been doing God's work since 2012 as a Pastor and Evangelist.I go to various places and remote villages where the holy Gospel has not preached and not known and to save the souls in Christ Jesus. Every week and monthly I do conduct Gospel Evangelism and prayer hall meetings and pray for the sick and needy.So Jesus has been doing great things in the lives of the people where we preach and pray for the sick and needy people.There are many people who do not know about Jesus.So after preaching about Jesus many Hindus people have been accepting Jesus in their lives.There are many people who got healing from their various sickness. We focus on TV Gospel spreading Channel and on Radio station in and around the world.So by the grace and love and mercy of God we could do much Gospel work here in India in various places and villages,towns and cities and remote places.

Feeding the Poorest of the poor children "Good News Street Loving Children Project". By the grace of God and the Holy Spirit, these days I have been praying and inspired by the Holy Spirit to start the "Good News Street Loving Children Project" so as I have been going and seeing in various places and there are many 1000s of children where they live in the streets,bus stations,railway stations and dust garbage dump areas without aim,goals and no proper clothes,food,drinking water and education.So by seeing their way of life my heart moved and touched in Christ Jesus to save every child and to pray for them and preach about Jesus and make them future leaders and servants of Jesus.If we put the powerful holy Gospel and the word of God in their hearts like a sowing the seed in their hearts and their entire life will be changing and their future will be bright in the mighty name of Jesus and they will show ways to others.So it is my great faith on Jesus that every year I should save and preach holy Gospel to the "Good News Street Loving Children" and make their life to change in Christ Jesus.Jesus said in Matthew 19;14," Let the little children come to me,do not hinder them,for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

It is holy Spirit of God which inspired me and led me to feed the poorest of the poor children who live away from the villages in the dust garbage dump area and on the bank of the river and on the pounds and live in the huts near by roads.So by the grace of God I provide food materials ever week and I provide spiritual and physical needs to them.So please pray for them in your daily prayers.

About the lives of the Street Children:

These children mainly live outside of the village and society and many of the children do not study and go for collecting the waste materials in the dust garbage places and go for catching snakes and fish and begging on the roads and in the towns for their stomach.Since their parents were poor condition and due to sickness some of the parents died and left the children and some of the children's do not have means to meet daily needs and no way to make the child to study.So since the family conditions and background is not good.Therefore the children became homeless and Street children.More over because of their parents belong to black class and lowest caste here in India.So due to various circumstances now children have been facing many problems which they can't tell and express to any one and no one approaches to them to serve and change their way of life.So it is holy spirit of God which inspired me to approach them every week and make them to change their way of life in the mighty holy name of Jesus.


By the grace of God every child who has been living on the Streets must be saved in Christ and learn about the holy Bible and make them grow that they are the children of God and put them in their tender heart the powerful word of God like a mustard seed so that the child will grow and become future servants, leaders and faithful children of God. Jesus Said,Let the little children come to me,the kingdom of God belongs to such as these children."


This "Good News Street Loving Children" makes every child that every child is loved by God and there is God who loves them in whichever situation they are and where ever they live.There are 100s of children do not have aims and goals and think that they have been left over on the Streets and road sides and garbage dust dump and no one loves and cares for them.So with great love of Jesus we reach,preach and pray for them and try to change their way of life and encourage them in the mighty holy name of Jesus.Let the children come to know that Jesus loves them very much.Every child think that there is some one who cares and take cares and prayers for them.If these children come to know about Jesus and to change their way of life.Then their future life and their whole generations will come to know about Jesus and will be saved.

About us:

I Pastor Joseph Usala from India,Andhra Pradesh who has started this "Good News Street Loving Children" Project.So along with me there are few Pastors and young people who would like to join and do this service in various places.Many of the young people and Pastors are so happy about this "Good News Street Loving Children' Project.We all together come every week and meet in a place and discuss what to do and how to do and how we can serve better way to the Street children to change their way of life.In 2017 we all planned to take 100 children who live in various places and visit them every week two times and see their conditions and way of life.

Pressing Needs For the Children:( In a Month two times we Supply these things) To take care of these children as a Day Care centers and they need daily uses such as.., Bed sheets, towels,Clothes dresses,shoes,Sandals,books,pens,bags,snacks,soaps, Tooth Paste, teeth Brash,shampoos, head oil,milk powder,Boost Bottles and scoot cases to keep all these things safe in a place.

Dear loving in Christ Jesus.with humble, honest, truthful, faithful and sincere servant of Jesus request you to become partner with us to give bright future in the lives of the Street children and unwanted and untouchable and needy children.

As the Holy Spirit of Jesus leads and guides and inspires you can support and help these children monthly or weekly and how ever you like.We pray for you daily.Thanks to you in Christ. yours loving Pastor Joseph Usala,India.

Mark 16;15, "Go into all the world and preach the holy Gospel to every creature."

Luck19;10, " For the son of man has come to seek and to save that which was lost."


To Preach the holy Gospel in the Rural and remote villages where the holy Gospel has not been reached and not known about Jesus and where people need prayers and healings and where people have been loosing their souls without knowing of Jesus.So we go with team and preach and pray for them.


With great faith on Jesus I and with some other Pastors and young people plan to go to many remote and Rural villages to conduct the Rural Gospel Evangelism Crusades.It will be done with cooperation of the local people and assistance of the Pastors and young youth men who are very much interested and have faith on Jesus.


In India 98 percentage of the people do not know about Jesus and most of the people live in to Rural and remote villages where people do not have education and do daily labour works and they depend on daily labour work and what they get they eat and sleep.So most of the people in the Rural and remote villages very very poor. So they face many problems such as socially,economically.physically and spiritually.So with Gospel Evangelism Crusades they will be over coming all these problems with help of the holy spirit and by knowing about Jesus and holy Gospel.


We have selected nearly more than 200 villages where there remote and Rural villages.So to go to such villages there is no proper road system and no proper electricity and other facilities.But with great faith of Jesus we with team go and do the Gospel Evangelism Crusades to save the souls in Christ and heal them.


This Rural Gospel Evangelism Crusades Meetings help the people to know about Jesus and to save their lives in Christ.So people come to know about Jesus and the holy Bible.We plan out this program every week in three villages so that we may reach many more remote and rural villages within short time. This program has planned out very clearly and faithfully and honestly to do the Gospel Evangelism Crusades with great faith on Jesus.


I Pastor Joseph Usala and Co-Pastors and the young training brothers conduct these Rural Gospel Evangelism Crusades in various places and villages.

We together preach,pray and change the way of life among the people in the mighty Holy name of Jesus.So we with team have been praying for your help to continue and reach many more remote villages.This is 2017 year Rural Gospel Evangelism Crusades.Please pray for the needs and other things.

Needs to meet for the Rural Gospel Evangelism Crusades Meetings:

We have 15 to 20 Pastor and young training men who have much interest and great faith on Jesus to do Gospel Evangelism Crusades.So we all have various ways to go such as Motor bicycles,Bicycles., We hire Auto,or van and Sound system and lights and mikes sound system and musical instruments and chairs and tables and generator.So Please pray for these things to meet for conducting "Rural Gospel Evangelism Crusades."

This Rural Gospel Evangelism Crusades Meetings Project Costs nearly 5,000 dollars to reach 200 remote villages.

Yours loving Brother Joseph Usala,India.

Dear loving,It is your will and wish to contribute something to this Rural Gospel Evangelism Crusades which we have been doing.So if you are inspired and touched by the powerful holy spirit you can help as you like.

"Blessy Old age Care center and Good News children Care center"

The main vision and mission of this Blessy old age care center and Good News Children care center is to provide daily food to the poorest of the poor old age people and children.In 2015 by the inspiration of God I have started Good News Children care center.So there are 35 children who are back class children who do not have proper clothes,education and other things who has joined and we have rented the house and we put them in the house and there are two teachers appointed to take care of their spiritual and physical and secular studies.By the grace of God the Good News children care center day by day growing and more children joined in 2016.So by the grace of God we could got land for building for these children and we could finish it and we plan out to build the shed for the children study and prayer hall. In fact these children have been learning daily about holy Gospel and praying for every one daily.Every year we provide to these children clothes,Sandals,bags and all school needs.Still there are many things to be done for these please pray for them.

Blessy Old age care center;In the remote villages we find there are many old age people who live in the huts and no proper food and clothes and they live in the their children left them and the old age people have been struggling to at their end days they must be saved and must live happily in Christ Jesus.So by seeing and facing many problems in the remote villages and they do not have no one to look after my heart touched and moved a lot to serve the old age people and pray for them daily and preach the holy Gospel.Matthew 25;40 "Jesus said,I say to you, in as much as you did it to one of the least of these my people,you did it to me." These are the word of Jesus which moved my heart to serve to the poorest of the poor and needy.Jesus said in Mark 10;45,"I came to serve not to be served".